07 - 11 - 2014

Tejnka family house in Czech Houses book

Book represents the author's choice of realization of 33 family houses, which were designed and built in the Czech Republic since 1989. We are represented completed family house Nad Tejnkou.

In the book, see especially the extensive photographic documentation, accompanied by explanatory and to a lesser extent, the evaluation comments on individual buildings. Photos are also supplemented with drawings for each of the buildings, and in the same scale, making it possible to compare the size and arrangement of individual dispositions.

Introductory text presents the context in which the houses were builtThe book is supplemented by reviews from Eugene AsseÁkos Moravánszky and Adam Gebrian that critical perspective assesses the state of Czech architecture houses. 
The book is in English with Czech translation.
Published by Kant.

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